Cardi B, Charlamagne Tha God Switch Things Up With Catfish SnapChat Filter


If you’ve been on social media lately then you’ve seen the latest SnapChat filter that has everyone looking like complete strangers. The image-centered platform recently released two new filters, one scruffy and masculine and another soft and feminine. Fans of the app are enjoying the gender-swapping filter, but some critics believe that it will be just another way for people to “catfish” unsuspecting strangers online.

When women use the male version of the filter, the result isn’t as mind-boggling as the reverse. Two celebrities who have tested the filter and shared their images are The Breakfast Club‘s Charlamagne Tha God and rapper Cardi BCharlamagne captioned his smiling girly photo by writing, “Confidence Level, Selfie With No Filter. I need no digital help. A smile works better than any filter. 100% All Natural. No Facetune Required. My favorite filter is reality.” Cardi B looked like “Mr. Steal Yo Girl” and wrote, “Waiting on your b*tch.”

Others have taken to social media to share their face swaps, some of which are pretty realistic. There are already dating app users who have shared their filtered photos to test whether or not strangers would be able to tell that they’re using a fake image, and some people have reported that their inboxes were flooded with messages from people wanting to hook up. This is, of course, the concern with using filters such as these. You never know who you’re talking to these days.