Cardi B Calls Out Hater Who Implies She's Afraid Of Nicki Minaj


Despite being one the most sought after young artists in the game, Cardi B still feels like she has something to prove. Though her successes are numerous, that hasn’t stopped her more vocal detractors from sliding into her comments with some negativity. Unfortunately, it seems like these naysayers continue to irk Ms. Bardi, and it’s becoming increasingly common to see her engage in verbal sparring with those who seek to tear her down. And while it’s understandable, one would hope that Cardi realizes the scope her accomplishments; it’s not ten that someone can go from a strip-club to one the biggest new artists in the world. 

Admittedly, an album remains an important milestone for any up-and-comer. Even in this era singles, the artists that stand the test time generally have several solid albums under their belt. And while Cardi has been hard at work perfecting her craft, some have been a little bit way about the delay. Fingers have been pointed at her label, who seem content on milking the singles for every drop. Still, fans aren’t exactly known for their patience, and the topic Cardi’s album continues to permeate her comment section. 

The other day, one hater hit the Pop Crave Instagram page with a claim that Cardi was waiting for Nicki to drop before she came through with her own project; clearly, the Cardi vs Nicki “there can only be one” narrative is alive and well in some circles. Cardi herself stepped in to defend her honor, writing “”Waiting for what? What is that going to do for me, and imma release my shit very very soon.” This discussion originally stemmed from Cardi B wondering why her haters want her to drop an album in the first place. So they can “hate-listen,” obviously.