Cardi B Brings Out Lil Nas X At Fashion Nova Launch For "Old Town Road" Performance


Cardi B is the latest major celebrity to give Lil Nas X a co-sign. Last night, the “Please Me” rapper launched her new Fashion Nova collection at Fashion Nova’s Party With Cardi event in Los Angeles. As a surprise guest, she brought out Lil Nas X to perform his single, “Old Town Road” before publicly praising him for his success.

“It’s mothafuckin’ hard to get a #1 on the Billboard Hot 100,” she said before bringing out Lil Nas X. “That shit is hard as fuck! So every single time I see somebody getting that spot I be like ‘Damn, I’m proud of you bitch. I’m proud of you, nigga.’ When I got my first #1, I cried like a muthafucka. So I wanna say that I’m so proud of this young guy who’s about to come up and fuck up the stage because his #1 is still #1 after they tried to deny his mothafuckin’ entry.”

Lil Nas X later thanked Cardi for bringing him out on Twitter along with a clip of the performance. The single’s been doing numbers on the chart and streaming services. It’s currently on its fifth week atop the Billboard Hot 100. It recently blocked Taylor Swift‘s latest single from getting to the top spot on the Billboard chart. 

Along with performing with Cardi B last night, he made his television debut on Monday on Desus & Mero.