Cardi B Assures Fans That Her Single "Press" Is Coming "Soon"


Cardi B gave her fans just what they wanted, a new track that hears her dropping bars as she always does. “Wish Wish” is the second song on DJ Khaled‘s latest arrival Father of Asahd and the video was just dropped off today. While many are probably bumping the new-new, some fans haven’t forgotten about a snippet of a song Cardi shared back in December. 

If you can remember, Cardi posted a video of herself rapping in the studio to an unreleased song called “Press.” The short teaser did numbers as it became the 25th most viewed video on Instagram with over 29 million views. Cardi told her fans that she was going to drop “Press” but decided to drop her single “Money” instead. 

Cardi B Assures Fans That Her Single "Press" Is Coming "Soon"
Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

The time has now come for “Press” to be released to the world. A fan jumped in Cardi’s comment section of her recent post that sees her rapping along to her latest DJ Khaled produced track. “What happened to u dropping “‘press press press press press cardi do need more press,'” the user wrote. 

Cardi responded: “it shall drop soon😈” We’re ready when you are, Cardi!