Cardi B Amazed That Tax Rant Made News: "I’m Just A Ex Stripper"


Cardi B is still unsure how her global reach has expanded so quickly. After posting a video online demanding to know how the government spends her hard-earned tax dollars, the story was picked up by a newscast and the "Bartier Cardi" singer caught wind it. A Los Angeles news station played Cardi's Instagram video, which caught the rapper f guard as she reposted a recorded version the newscast. The starlet claims that New York City is the dirtiest place in America, elaborating on her initial remarks that the government should clean up the streets NYC before building a border wall. 

"I can’t believe my video made the news," wrote Cardi in disbelief. The "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker addressed the commenters informing her where much her tax money is going towards, asking them where the pro resides. While Cardi is unsure that tax dollars are actually being provided to welfare and military, there is one thing she is certain : "My neighborhood still look like sh-t!" While her opinion may not be valued by some in terms how the government should be spending money, she is amazed that her point view on the matter is worthy time on a newscast, writing, "I’m just a ex stripper with bad grammar and heavy accent." 

Check out Cardi's full post below. Do you think Cardi B's opinion is valid in terms government spending? Do you agree with her or no?