Cara Delevingne & Machine Gun Kelly Join Vince Staples In Indie Film "Punk"


Machine Gun Kelly just recently wrapped up his Netflix acting debut in The Dirt, and now he’s set to star alongside Vince Staples and the newly announced Cara Delevingne in Indie film, Punk. Vince’s involvement was shared back in October. According to The Hollywood Reporter the film will be shopped to potential buyers at Cannes. 

[The film] follows Peter (Vince Staples), who, after receiving a disheartening rejection letter, takes off on a road trip with a crew of free-spirited runaways. Headed by Skip (Baker) and his sister Lucy (Delevingne), they collectively push the boundaries of freedom, risking life and limb to train-surf along the breathtaking fault lines of North America. After falling for Lucy, Peter soon discovers that the crew that once took him in are a band of bank robbers, hell-bent on becoming modern-day Robin Hoods

The film will begin shooting this year, with no release date set in stone. 

Cara, known more for her runway moments than acting credits has previously discussed how modeling wasn’t her first choice. “Modeling was never a dream of mine,” she told the New York Times before adding, “[it] was killing my soul… But when I start something, I want to prove people wrong. I thought: I’m going to smash this as hard as I can.”