CAPPA Builds the 'Tension' in Latest Exclusive


Pop songstress CAPPA is waiting for someone to make the move, but she’s not going to just sit idly by in the new video for her single “Tension.”

Directed by Joe DeSantis, the video features the Philadelphia native — born Carla Cappa — traipsing about her house in a long tracking shot as she’s followed by a swarm LED lights. Though she admits that her role as the sole subject was “nerve-racking,” the singer looks effortlessly cool as she jumps from one neon-hued room to another.

“The idea what I wanted my character to portray is boredom basically, and the whole time I am walking around, frazzled in a house alone just thinking all these thoughts and going through it all,” CAPPA tells Billboard.

The visual perfectly matches the bright, glimmering tune, as well as CAPPA's inherent glowing personality and distinct style. Her brand self-described “alternative pop” is broad yet authentic and hits the mark by aiming for “something you could hear on the radio, but also something that is relatable enough that feels like you could have done it in a basement at the same time.”

“My music] is something that is polished but not over-the-top,” she elaborates. “I want there to remain an organic feel to it…that pulls in the listener and makes you feel like you were real and you were there.”

The song also represents a notable shift in the singer’s career. After taking several trips to Los Angeles from her then home base in Nashville and a particularly fruitful writing session that resulted in “Tension” earlier this year, CAPPA made a permanent move out west and is already embracing the array opportunities now at her disposal to help meet her vision.

“I feel like ‘Tension’ is definitely the first step a new era for me that feels like the music that I've been wanting to make,” she says. “It is nice to just be able to do exactly what I see for my music but] I am still always figuring that out.”

Though she’s just begun to settle into the next phase as a singer-songwriter, it’s clear that CAPPA isn’t waiting to make the next move.

Check out the video for “Tension” below.