Canadians Rejoice, "Nardwuar Day" Is Sweeping The Nation


After celebrating such trivial pseudo-holidays like “National Donut Day” and its ilk, it feels comforting to see a genuinely wholesome occasion on the horizon. We’re speaking, of course, of “Nardwuar Day,” which has officially been introduced in Vancouver, British Colombia. According to a report from Pitchfork, the beloved Human Serviette received the honor in response to his stalwart, thorough, and frequently entertaining musical coverage. In the same fell swoop, Nardwuar was welcomed into BC Entertainment Hall of Fame, an induction that feels appropriate considering his cultural contributions.

At this stage, Nardwuar remains one of the most recognizable names in music journalism. Though his wacky exterior may fuel misguided perceptions, his insane wealth of obscure knowledge never fails to impress and startle the artist. He once caused Lil Uzi Vert to literally flee in stunned silence. For many, a Nardwuar interview has become an integral bucket list item, and more often than not we’re left reaping the entertaining spoils. 

Congratulations to Nardwuar, and may the antics and deep-dives carry on. What is your favorite of his interviews?