Cam Cash Tops The Rap Charts With New Release Titled ‘Stunning’


Rapper and songwriter Cam Cash released a brand new chart-topping hit titled ‘Stunning.’ On the track, he shares his experiences as he layers his fierce lines on a complex and bouncy beat. As the press release notes: Cam Cash has gone through many struggles growing-up, from his mother going through a heavy depression, to witnessing her being abused by her boyfriend on a daily basis in front of the young Cameron. For long years, these events haunted him, not allowing him to lead a normal life. From homelessness to having no food, everyday was a worry for Cameron. 

Cam Cash overcame all the struggles in his life and now focuses on creating music, and sharing his stories. ‘Stunning’ displays Cam Cash’s crafty flow, abilities to drop hyped punchlines, and using beat’s hooks and jumps in a fire way. Stay tuned for more music from Cam Cash, and for now follow him on InstagramSpotifyYouTube.