California Doctor Claims Eazy-E Gave HIV/AIDS To 2 Women He Treated: ‘They Got Infected From Him’


The death of gangsta rap pioneer Eazy-E was the subject of his daughter Ebie’s 2021 documentary The Mysterious Death of Eazy-E. The film aimed to find an answer to the looming question: how did Eazy-E actually die? Over the years, conspiracy theorists have suggested he was injected with HIV/AIDS, didn’t have the disease at all or was killed in some other nefarious way.

In fact, Ebie has always suspected there was much more to the story. But a California physician named Dr. Wilbert Jordan begs to differ. In one of the clips from the doc that has since gone viral, Jordan claimed Eazy-E infected two of his female patients with HIV/AIDS before his 1995 death. During the conversation, the interviewer noted the likelihood of Eazy-E infecting his sexual partners increased as his immune system diminished.

“The woman that he married was pregnant, had a child and they also had a child,” the host said. “She tested and she was negative,” to which Jordan replied, “Yeah and she’s negative, the baby’s gonna be negative. She’s lucky. She was exposed enough that she could have.”

Jordan then revealed he had two of Eazy-E’s sexual partners as patients (one current) who told him the late rapper transmitted the disease to them: “They were infected … they got infected from him.”

Tomica Wright reportedly met Eazy-E in 1991 and the couple tied the knot just 12 days before he died in 1995. They had two children together, the youngest being born six months after the rapper passed away.

Eazy-E was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles in February 1995 with a “violent cough” and later diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. He died on March 26, 1995 at just 30 years old. Ebie wanted to find out more about her father’s day with the four-part WEtv investigative series and conducted a series of interviews as she did her deep dive.

In the trailer, Ebie’s mother Tracy Jernagin said she never believed he died from AIDS, explaining, “Something just did not seem right. He died unusually fast. He did not lose weight. He was not a drug abuser. It’s like one day he’s fine, the next day he’s dying.”

The trailer also addresses the notion the FBI had something to do with his death after Eazy-E was deemed “a threat” to society for his often violent lyrics and profound street influence. But if Jordan is correct, there was nothing mysterious about his death at all — his promiscuity simply caught up to him.