Cairo Gold Introduces a ‘New Type Of Woman’ On Fiery Track: Exclusive


Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and musician Cairo Gold teams up with rapper UnoTheActivist for the ultimate work hard, play hard anthem, “New Type Of Woman,” premiering exclusively on Billboard today (Aug. 22) Red Music.

Inspired by the “empowered behavior” of the women in her life, Cairo Gold co-wrote the unapologetic anthem with UnoTheActivist and Da Black Mic, who also produced the track. The rising urban-pop artist commands the song with a sultry vibe that is perfect for the end of summer. Cairo Gold details a Friday night encounter that she confidently leads, fearlessly proclaiming, “Follow my lead/Let me show you what to do” over an infectious and intoxicating melody.

The music video, directed by Angelo Kritikos, opens on two women pushing a motionless Cairo on a cart covered in a transparent tarp. After pulling back the plastic, Cairo Gold emerges in a cutout bodysuit as she declares, “it’s that new type of woman." She captivates alone in shots flooded with a monochromatic red hue, and shows off her chemistry with UnoTheActivist as they posture together under purple lighting. 

“New Type Of Woman" is for "the type of woman who works hard, plays hard, loves hard and takes no shit. She is not afraid to make mistakes and is always learning, growing and truly living life to the fullest,” Cairo tells Billboard. “She rests easy knowing that whatever is meant for her will never miss her, and what misses her was never meant for her. She’s in her power.”

Cairo Gold is self-assured and assertive on the new track, forming a complementary pair with UnoTheActivist’s seductive flow. “This new type of woman is smart, sexy, provocative and a force to be reckoned with,” she adds.

Get a first look at the “New Type Of Woman” video below.