C. Tangana Concert Canceled After Change.org Petition Protests ‘Machista’ and ‘Degrading’ Lyrics


The Spanish hip-hop artist was to perform during Bilbao’s annual street festival. The city government has announced that Pedro Capó will replace him.

Spanish hip-hop artist C. Tangana has been scrubbed from Bilbao’s annual week-long Aste Nagusia street festival after over 15,000 people signed a change.org petition calling for his removal from the line-up, because the lyrics of his songs are degrading to women.

On Friday (Aug. 9), the city government announced on its web site that Tangana would be replaced by Pedro Capó, the Puerto Rican artist best known for the hit song “Calma,” at the festivities' main outdoor concert on Saturday Aug. 24.

The Change.org petition cited lyrics including:

Hago que tu puta…se calle y se agache. (I make your whore…shut up and bend over)

Sólo me quieres si te hago mal (You only love me if I hurt you)

Ya no siento nada (vete) (Now I don’t feel anything (go away))

Follando con otra que es igual (Fucking another one is the same…)

“Do you really want the Bilbao government to use your money on this guy?” The petition text asked.

In a Tweet on Aug. 8, representatives of the leftist Elkarrekin Podemos party came out against Tangana’s appearance: “From a public institution we cannot contract artists whose songs reproduce chauvinist stereotypes and rape culture.”

Tangana, whose real name is Antón Alvarez Alfaro, co-authored the majority of the songs on Rosalia’s El Mal Querer album. His latest single is “Ontas.”

Billboard has reached out for comment from C. Tangana  his publicist, and his record label, Sony Music Spain.


“I’m not going to explain my songs,” Tangana told Spain’s El Pais in an interview published in June. “I’m not a moralist. I’ve showed that a part of me is poetry. And I [also] expose my shit. The people who want to understand can understand. Or let them judge me. Here I am.”