Busta Rhymes Places Roc Marciano In His "Top 5"


Selecting a top five is no easy feat. While many are content to rattle f the excepted names, others aren’t afraid to dete from the game plan. Such was the case for Busta Rhymes, who recently held it down as a guest honor during a Roc Marciano show at Highline Ballroom. After performing “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See,” Busta gave his former Flipmode Squad homie a glowing endorsement. 

“Marci is in my top five emcees ever,” says Busta. “I’ve been pressionally recording for twenty-seven years, I don’t give a fuck what a human being might think. All due respect, whatever research you choose to do on your phone tonight…there’s many features I have done, and I’ve pioneered the feature. You ain’t never heard a n***a whip my ass on no record. When I say Marci is my top 5 emcee ever, there’s a whole lotta science behind that.”

He continues, stating “the God Roc Marciano is a godsend. The man was sent from God…I am proud to say I have known this man for almost thirty years. The precision, his ability to be an incredible architect with words. The man is a craftsman with the pen.” He proceeds to allude at a couple shook ones, notable names scared to hop on a track with Marci. “There’s a lot great n***s that’s afraid to rhyme with him,” says Busta, “and I’ve been in a lot studio sessions, with a lot great n***s. They won’t say it on record, but we conversate amongst each other. A lot n***s is scared my mans!”