Burger King Slammed For "Racist" Chopsticks Ad


These days, anything can be misconstrued with different contexts being applied to every little thing that you say. Major companies have had to deal with strong backlash for the way their products are presented to consumers. For example, one of the top stories this year has been the boycott against luxury fashion brand Gucci after they advertised a sweater that included a balaclava that you place over your mouth, making it look like you’re wearing blackface. Burger King is facing public scrutiny because of a new ad they were promoting for their Vietnamese-style burger in New Zealand, showing a bunch of white people eating the burger with chopsticks.

Burger King Slammed For "Racist" Chopsticks Ad
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Fans of the restaurant chain are left unimpressed with this video, which has been making the rounds on social media. Many are asking who approved this concept, especially considering how sensitive the content really is. Connecting chopsticks with the Vietnamese-inspired burger is a pretty backwards way of thinking and, at the very least, it’s extremely unoriginal. You would think that a company with so much money would be willing to fund their marketing team adequately so they could actually come up with some cool ideas. This one absolutely missed the mark and has reportedly since been pulled. 

Watch the clip below. Do you think the ad is racist or are people overexaggerating?