Bun B’s Lawyer Believes Rapper Won’t Face Charges For Shooting Robber


Texas has some of the laxest gun control laws across the United States. Although discussion surrounding gun control has been rampant in the United States in the past few years, Bun B‘s lawyer believes the rapper was lucky for the State’s laws regarding protecting one’s home

Speaking to XXL, Charles Adams explained that Bun B probably won’t face any charges for the shootout with a masked robber at his Texas home.

“No charges have been leveled [against Bun B] and I don’t expect any,” Adams said. “I talked to the Houston Police Department last night they were treating him like a victim because he’s a victim.”

Bun B's Lawyer Believes Rapper Won't Face Charges For Shooting Robber
Bob Levey/Getty Images

Adams said that Bun B used a registered firearm. He continued to explain that he feels the U.S. Second Amendment will protect Bun B from prosecution.

“In Texas, you can defend your home,” Adams continued. “And if an armed home invader breaks into your home and puts a gun at your wife’s head, you can shoot the guy if he’s still in your home. Honestly, this might sound cheesy, thank God that Bun had a gun. Thank God that he was courageous enough to defend his home and his wife [Queenie]. And thank God Queenie was courageous enough to not let the man go upstairs.”

The armed robber was shot and brought to a hospital. After being released, he was charged with two counts of aggravated robbery with a weapon and one count burglary.