Bubbling Brooklyn Artist PeeGunna Slated To Release New Album “Narco 3” In Early March


Bubbling Brooklyn, NY emcee PeeGunna is approaching the first quarter of the year with a bang, officially gearing up to release his newest album, Narco 3 on Friday, March 3, 2023. The project will of course be the third installment to his Narco series, and PeeGunna supporters have been anticipating its availability. Narco 3 will be releasing via PeeGunna’s record label TrapOrStarveRecords, and he is ready to show his fans and new listeners a surreal experience with the forthcoming collective. Narco 2 was released back in 2021 — so fast-forward to 2023, PeeGunna is ready to put his foot on the gas when it comes to the airwaves.

Per usual, Pee delivers quality content, so Narco 3 is expected to be nothing less than the standard he has set all of this time. Organically amassing his audience release after release, the Brooklyn-native is definitely bound to shake things up with the slated release of Narco 3. For those new to the Narco series, be sure to tap into Narco 2 for a refresher below:

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