BTS' V Reveals Haunting New Song 'Singularity' Ahead of 'Love Yourself: Tear' Album Release: Watch


Less than two weeks remain before BTS drops their highly-anticipated Love Yourself: Tear album on May 18, but today (May 6) the Korean act surprised fans with a captivating music video featuring V performing the track “Singularity.”

Born Kim Tae-hyung but known by the single letter, the BTS singer serves up a smooth alt R&B sound on “Singularity.” “A sound something breaking / I awake from sleep,” croons V at the start the melody jazzy before it evolves into a desperate, reflective tune. “Have I lost myself / Or have I gained you?” he asks. “Tell me if my voice isn't real / If I shouldn't have thrown myself away.”

The song also features multiple references to lakes, with lyrics that appear to be inspired by the Greek myth Narcissus, who fell in love with his own reflection and died because it. “I suddenly run to the lake / There's my face in it,” he sings. “But in the end spring will come someday / the ice will melt and float away / tell me if my voice isn't real.”

The “Singularity” video heavily focuses on the charismatic choreography delivered up by the BTS member and a team dancers, inspired by contemporary interpretive dance. It begins with V dancing with a faceless coathanger a partner, and then switches between scenes featuring him solo or with back-up. On his own, V is surrounded by haunting white masks and lush nature scenes, and recalls the song’s lyrics by interacting with a reflective pool.

It ends with V donning a white mask with a single, black tear dripping from one eye.

“Singularity” serves as the album’s “comeback trailer,” a distinction from Tear’s “Euphoria” theme video, which was released in April. Since their 2015 EP The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Pt. 2, the group has preceded album releases with videos that feature tracks either partially or in their entirety.

The tracklist for Love Yourself: Tear has yet to be revealed, but it is known to be a full-length LP, the group’s third Korean one overall. It follows 2014’s Dark & Wild and 2016’s Wings.  

Over the past few years, BTS has rapidly grown to see major success, and have become the highest-ranking Korean group ever on Billboard’s charts. They will perform new music at the Billboard Music Awards on May 20, where they are nominated for the Top Social Artist award. They won the award at last year’s BBMAs.

Watch the video for “Singularity” below: