BTS Share Their Favorite Genres, What They're Listening To & More at New Video From Grammy Museum Q&A


BTS lately sat at the Grammy Museum at Los Angeles to examine their own livelihood and musicality, and sooner Thursday (Sept. 13), the memorial published some fresh behind-the-scenes footage that the Korean septet referring to their musical preference and inspirations.

In that the brief interview, the seven guys discussed several subjects such as what theyrsquo;re listening to, their favourite genres and their favourite BTS music movies. 

When requested the very last thing that they listened to, V said he had been listening to Drake and Jimin stated Chris Brown, although equally Suga (“-LRB-****************************************************************************) Bean”-RRB- and RM (“-LRB-*************************************) Mode”-RRB- were listening to Travis Scott. Jin sung somewhat”Despacito,” J-Hope stated Paul McCartney's”that I Don't Know,” and Jungkook stated he had been listening to “arbitrary songs. ”-LRB-*****)

The group was then asked about the very first records they bought and cited both American along with K-pop records: V purchased Girls' Generation's 2009 EP Gee, Suga stated he purchased Eminem's original record (1996's Infinite), Jin purchased BTS’ possess introduction 2013 record two Cool 4 Skool, Jungkook stated it had been an IU record, RM stated TVXQ! ’s “-LRB-********************************) Way U Are” f their 2004 Tri-Angle record, while Jimin and J-Hope both stated their first records were out of BoA, together with the latter naming his original was her fourth Korean record, 2004's My Name.

BTS then chose their music movies are their favored, along with the team narrowed it down to 3. V, Suga, J-Hope and RM picked”Idol,” Jin stated”Fire,” and Jungkook and Jimin favorite”that I Need U.” Upon its launch on Aug. 24,”Idol” became the most best-debuting music movie 2018 on YouTube.  

The Love Yourself: Answer singers also chosen their favourite genres and demonstrated their varied taste with associates viewing jazz (V), hip (Suga, RM, Jimin), stone (Jin), R&B (RM, Jimin) and home (J-Hope). Jungkook announced”all genres” his favored.

The interview closed out together with all the members stating in which they get their inspiration from. Several members stated it had been from the world about them and their associates, but others draw inspiration from different areas such as parks (V), buses (RM), BTS concerts (Jimin) and LA (J-Hope).

BTS is now Stateside and at the midst their Love Yourself world tour. Their August record, Love Yourself: Answer, became their next record 2018 to high the Billboard 200 earlier this month. ) The Q&A in the Grammy Museum was held Tuesday while the team was first in Los Angeles for four sold-out displays in the Staples Center earlier this month. )

Watch that the Grammy Museum clip here:-LRB-*****)