BTS Release Additional 'Love Yourself: Answer' Promotional Images


Ahead their upcoming Love Yourself: Answer, Korean septet BTS released some new teaser photos today. The 16 images are associated with the "L" and "F" versions the upcoming album.

Like their previous Love Yourself albums Her and Tear, Answer will be released through four different variants, each marked as one letter the word “Self.” Her’s physical albums were each associated with “Love” while Tear’s spelled out “Your,” with Answer completing the series’ Love Yourself title. Earlier this week, the act released another two sets photos associated with the “S” and “E” versions Answer.

Each photo set consist one group shot and seven photos the individual members. The newly-revealed "L" group picture shows BTS donning preppy, uniform looks and is cut in half with a black-and-white, torn image that hints to a variety retro-evoking athleisure outfits. Each the associated solo pictures are similarly split between a color and a black-and-white image and show the men in different outfits that are primarily casual-wear like t-shirts and hoodies, though some halves the BTS members are donning more formal looks such as blazers, suits, and button-downs.  

While the "L" photos are intimate and split between the darker and brighter parts the images, the “F” photoset is an explosion brightness. It shows the group on a vibrant blue backdrop while hanging out — sometimes literally — on a colorful jungle gym, wearing playful streetwear looks that blend sporty, casual items with more formal elements, such as blazers and ties. 

The new photos were shared just a week before Answer’s release, and coincided with BTS’ fandom, ARMY, trending the hashtag #AnswerIn7Days. The highly-anticipated album, set to come out on Aug. 24, will complete the group’s Love Yourself series, which saw May’s Love Yourself: Tear make history as the first-ever Korean album to top the Billboard 200. The single from Tear, "Fake Love," was recently certified gold by the RIAA, and is BTS' third single to have done so. They are the only Korean act to have three gold singles in the States.  

Answer’s release will lead in to their upcoming Love Yourself world tour, which brings them Stateside next month and will culminate in a historic performance at New York City’s Citi Field, the first-ever U.S. stadium show by a Korean act.

Check out the new photos below.