BTS On How Ed Sheeran Is Their ‘Santa Claus,’ Touring the U.S. & More in New Interview: Listen


Recorded on Oct. 16 and shared on Thursday (Oct. 24), the  members of BTS recently spoke with Radio Disney about a wide range of topics, including what they were up to recently on vacation, and how Ed Sheeran hit them up to write their song “Make It Right,” which the group released a remix of on Oct. 18 featuring Lauv.

To start off the conversation, chatted about BTS' recent vacation, during which members traveled and spent time relaxing, and how they enjoyed their time in the U.S. with Love Yourself: Speak Yourself earlier this year.

 “Meeting 300,000 fans was the most amazing thing,” said RM. “Stadium shows were one of our biggest dreams of all. And we love to eat food in L.A., New York, everywhere else, sightseeing, going to museums, everything — we love it." He added that the Korean food in New York and Los Angeles is on par with food back in South Korea. 

“We were really fanboys of Ed Sheeran, and he actually, suddenly had a shout out on his, maybe his Instagram stories, and he said he loved our album," RM also said. "And actually, he sent us an email. He said he got a song for us, like a Santa Claus. He wrote the hook, and that was ‘Make It Right.’ We had the lyrics, and we had Lauv featuring with us, and that’s how it happened."

The group members also expressed love for music from Lizzo, Billie Eilish, and Travis Scott. They ended things by singing Wham!’s “Last Christmas.” 

Listen to the whole interview below.