BTS’ Jin, Suga and J-Hope Mess Around On Twitter For April Fools’ Day


BTS have a history of having fun with fans every year on April Fools’ Day, and the Korean group didn’t disappoint this year. On Monday (April 1), the group spent part of the day fooling around on their Twitter account, changing identities and the images associated with the account.

First, Jin changed the Twitter layout to feature him talking on a tiger prawn as if it were a phone, and accompanied the images with a tweet using the Korean word for answering phone calls, as if asking “Hello?”

Later in the day, Suga and J-Hope changed the account over to become the official Twitter handle for SOPE, which they tweeted was the name for the “Number one best singers in Korea,” and is also the duo’s ship name among fans.

They also changed the account’s biography info to express that their they're open for inquiries and can be contacted for event bookings through their direct messages, and would be willing to go anywhere in Korea. They also appeared on V Live to livestream as SOPE, during which they joked about SOPE's "disbandment."  

"SOPE" trended worldwide on Twitter following the update. 

After midnight, the account changed its logos to the icons related to their upcoming album, Map of the Soul: Persona.

Here are some of the responses from BTS’ ARMY to the April Fools’ jokes: