BTS' Jin Sings in 'Epiphany' Comeback Trailer Ahead Of 'Love Yourself: Answer' Album


A new video starring BTS’ Jin came out today in the lead-up to the Korean group’s highly-anticipated Love Yourself: Answer album, which will come out later this month.

The Love Yourself: Answer 'Epiphany' Comeback Trailer was posted today (Aug. 9) by BTS’ label Big Hit Entertainment and featured a song where the eldest BTS member reflects on loving himself. The song and the video, which features Jin on his own, tie in both thematically and narratively to prior elements the Love Yourself series. 

"Epiphany" lyrically draws on the overall message  the Love Yourself series. “I'm the one I should love in this world/Shining me, the precious soul mine/I finally realize so I love me/Not so perfect but so beautiful/I'm the one I should love,” he sings over the building pop-rock melody, showcasing his sentimental vocal color. Later in the song, the first verse is replaced with “I want to love them in this world” in what appears to be a nod to how self-love is the starting point all other loving relationships. 

In the clip, which vacillates between black-and-white and colored shots, Jin is primarily seen in a room partaking in a variety actions and emotions, and eventually leaves to walk into a rain storm before going back. It ends with him exiting the room for a final time as words crawl on the screen and reflect upon a personal journey. In the final seconds the video, Jin appears standing at a beach beside a pick-up truck upon which the rest the band members fade into appearance on.

Immediately after its release, the trailer trended on Twitter at No. 1 worldwide with the hashtag #Epiphany. Kim Seokjin, Jin’s full name, and #Jintro, a hybrid “Jin” and “intro” also trended.

In the past, several other members BTS have released solo tracks that tie into the Love Yourself series, such as V's "Singularity" in May ahead  Love Yourself: Tear. Jin's concludes the series. 

Earlier this week, BTS released the latest part their Notes series, which gave more details regarding Jin's role in the group's ongoing creative narrative. The long-term storytelling that has been going on for over two years now and been told through a variety platforms focuses on a plot that is theorized to revolve around tragic reflections on lost friendship and love, within which Jin plays a key role.

A hour or so before releasing the “Epiphany” video, BTS shared a tweet where they wrote that the Love Yourself series will conclude with Answer coming a long time after it began in "the 16th year's 3rd month.” It is unclear based on the tweet if it refers to the act beginning to plan the extended narrative in 2016 or to the Notes-based timeline, though later on it says that the conclusion has come after 2 years and five months work, which matches up to March 2016. In that month, BTS released the Japanese version "Run," and three months later they put out The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever album.

BTS' Love Yourself narrative utilized a literary technique known in Korean as 기승전결 in Korean, and written using the Chinese characters 起承轉結, which have appeared throughout the series. It describes the four steps storytelling composition: introduction, development, turn, and conclusion, the latter which Answer appears to be.

BTS made history this year as the first-ever Korean group to top the Billboard 200 chart with May’s Love Yourself: Tear. They have sold-out over a dozen concerts in North America, and last night added their first-ever Stateside stadium show at New York’s Citi Field. It will be the first time ever a Korean act holds a U.S. stadium concert.

Watch the new video below.