BTS Fans Are Flipping Out Over Jimin’s ‘Optical Illusion’ in ‘Boy With Luv’ Music Video Teaser


Do you see #FrontOrBack?

Upon its release, the initial music video teaser for "Boy With Luv" from BTS and Halsey dominated the social-media conversation because, well, it's BTS and Halsey. But soon enough, an entirely different conversation was taking place.

Fans soon became swept in a debate regarding what some are calling an "optical illusion" featuring the last moments of BTS member Jimin in the short, 46-second clip. The final scene of segement sees the BTS boys backlit by a neon background and showing the members incorporating fancy footwork into a final pose with the verdict still out about what is actually going on with Jimin.

Fans were soon sent into a tizzy wondering what direction the 23-year-old singer (second from the left in the clip) was actually facing by the end of the teaser. 

A debate quickly erupted among the BTS A.R.M.Y., prompting the hashtag #FrontOrBack for whether Jimin ultimately ended the clip facing frontwards or backwards. Some think the answer will be revealed in the full music video (out April 12, along with BTS' full Map of the Soul: Persona album) while others are heavily invested this the latest, greatest social-media debate, calling it "worse than when the internet was trying to figure out if the dress was blue or gold." A BuzzFeed article poll has two-thirds of voters saying Jimin ends up facing the front.

See some of the best takes on #FrontOrBack and then watch the full "Boy With Luv" teaser to make your own judgements.