BTS’ Epic Music Video for ‘Make It Right’ With Lauv Is a Homage to ARMY: Watch


The bond between BTS and their fandom ARMY is truly legendary, and their music video for a new version of “Make It Right” featuring Lauv puts the relationship between artist and audience front and center in a sweet animated fantasy adventure.

The new variant of “Make It Right,” originally featured on April’s Billboard 200 chart-topping Map of the Soul: Persona EP as a B-side, arrived today (Oct. 18) featuring new English verses courtesy of Lauv fronting the ambient groove of the Ed Sheeran-penned alt-R&B track. 

The song, which originally peaked at No. 95 on the Hot 100 singles chart, is a lyrical testament to the relationship between the South Korean septet and their dedicated ARMY, and the music video fittingly reflected this with its clips of BTS’ performing in front of their fans during their recent Love Yourself: Speak Yourself world tour. It is also interspersed with a sweet, romantic tale of a boy who is lost and then found by a girl, who becomes his companion and his protector. 

After they find one another in a lonely world, she turns into a defensive cape while he sleeps. After he wakes up to find her gone, he goes on a lengthy journey on his own bolstered by her magical support, during which he remembers how she was by his side when others heckled them. 

After he encounters a dragon and then successfully defeats his foe, a tear from his eye lands on the cape, and she returns to her mortal form by his side. A magical, fairy tale of a metaphor for the interminable bond between BTS and their immensely supportive ARMY, who may not always physically be by the band members' sides but are always truly there with them, “Make It Right” is a celebration of the relationship between fans and the historic act. 

Following its release, several hashtags and phrases related to “Make It Right” trended worldwide on Twitter, including the punny “Boys with Lauv,” a play on BTS’ Map of the Soul: Persona single “Boy With Luv” featuring Halsey, also out originally in April.  

Watch the music video for “Make It Right” by BTS featuring Lauv below.