Bryon Scott Says Becky Hammon Could Be NBA's First Female Head Coach


Former head coach Byron Scott has gone on record as supporting San Antonio Spurs assistant Becky Hammon as a candidate to break the mold in the NBA and become the first female head coach in the biggest pro basketball league in the entire world. 

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Yesterday (December 30th), TMZ Sports caught up with Scott, who is a three-time NBA champion himself and has been the head coach four different teams. This man knows a winning mentality when he sees one and, in his mind, gender shouldn’t be an issue. “Why not? I mean, she deserves a shot at it,” he said. “It shouldn’t matter about gender, so we’ll see. I think she would be a good coach.”

Hammon played 16 seasons pro ball herself in the WNBA, suiting up with both the New York Liberty and San Antonio Stars. She retired in 2014 after a career that included six WNBA All-Star selections and a ton respect in the hoops world. Gregg Popovich has even praised her coaching ability at the highest level, potentially setting the stage for a future head coaching job coming her way down the road. For now, she’s just happy to be in the spot that she is.

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Hammon told Robin Roberts in a one-on-one interview that she didn’t see too much a gap in terms the applicability her experience to the men’s game when she was hired back in 2014. “A pick-and-roll in the men’s game is the same as a pick-and-roll in the women’s game,” she explained. Only time will tell if Hammon can take that next step and become an NBA head coach one day.