Bryce Vine Is Taking His 'Drew Barrymore' Hit to VMA Pre-Show & Pepsi's 'Sound Drop': 'I Just Never Wrote Songs Expecting That'


Bryce Vine got more than he expected when his single “Drew Barrymore” became a chart-climbing, Taylor Swift-endorsed hit. The fall 2017 release rose to fame when the “Delicate” singer put “Drew Barrymore” on her Apple Music favorites playlist in December. Now, he's eyeing the top 20 on Billboard’s Pop Songs airplay chart for the first time, with the song currently sitting at its peak position No. 21.

Another pair firsts for Vine are on the horizon too: He'll perform at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards pre-show on Monday, August 20, and that same night, he'll join Pepsi’s The Sound Drop, an emerging artists platform that pairs featured talent with YouTube singers to perform a cover their hit tracks.

According to a press release from Pepsi, The Sound Drop was created to "provide emerging artists with a powerful stage to promote their stories, share their art and connect directly with new and existing fans through insightful storytelling and the amplification their music." As Vine tells Billboard about the initiative: “That’s what you’re always doing as an artist -- just trying to reach new crowds.”

When writing “Drew Barrymore,” the idea blowing up hadn’t crossed the rising star’s mind. But he has since performed his single on Late Night With Seth Meyers in his sultry television debut. “I just never wrote songs expecting that," he said. “No, you just try to write good songs and then hope people hear it and then when something explodes, it’s then you play catch-up. Like, ‘Oh, I guess you’re doing something right.'”

The cover version that YouTuber Andie Case will perform for The Sound Drop adds to a slew “Drew Barrymore” covers making the rounds. Vine reposts Instagram covers on his story nearly daily, and the song has accrued a few remixes on Spotify, including the rendition Wale contributes a verse on.

“I’m so not used to having a hit song,” Vine said. “I don’t even think about all the things that come with it, like this for example” -- he gestures his arms around the Sound Drop set: a couple trailers, lots camera equipment, right on the border Venice Beach. “When I came today, I was expecting a couple cameras and we would be walking around Venice like a student film project, like what I’m used to doing. Everything is exciting.”

His next exciting career move is making his VMA debut, performing at the MTV Video Music Awards pre-show, live on the red carpet. He will be joined by two other artists] for the two-hour pre-show, kicking f at 7 p.m. ET on Monday, August 20, before the main show begins at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

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