Brown Eyed Girls Make Long-Anticipated Return with Cover Album ‘Re_vive’: Listen


It’s been four years since South Korean vocal pop quartet Brown Eyed Girls released their 2015 Basic album. On Monday (Oct. 28) they returned to revitalize their career, and some of Korea’s biggest hits, on their covers album Re_vive

The 10-track collection is a walk down memory lane of South Korea’s sonic history with Brown Eyed Girls’ distinct artistic flare melded into it, adding something a little edgy and a little provocative into songs from artists including g.o.d and Uhm Jung Hwa, the latter of whom joins BEG’s quartet on the 2019 remake of her 1998 hit "Invitation." 

“Abandoned,” a hauntingly captivating recreation of Basis' "The Reason I Abandoned Myself" from 1995, and “Wonder Woman,” an upbeat, empowering disco rendition of Joe Wonsun’s 2003 jazzy, bossa nova song of the same name,” serve as the lead songs on the new release.

The songs were released a pair of contrasting music videos, with “Wonder Woman” offering up a revelatory, sometimes deadly, wedding where the members of the act serve as the grooms to their drag queen brides, and “Abandoned” putting forth a beautiful, yet chilling, gothic fairy tale. 

Brown Eyed Girls released their first album, Your Story, in 2006 and have gone onto become one of South Korea’s most prominent, provocative female acts, with each of the four members — JeA, Miryo, Narsha, and Ga In — also recognized for her solo careers. 

Take a listen to their Re_vive album below.