Brooklyn Nets Unveil NBA’s First All-Gray Court: First Look


The Brooklyn Nets will be playing on a brand new court in the upcoming season as they kickoff a new brand of basketball with All Star point guard Kyrie Irving and, eventually, two-time NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant.

The new hardwood at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn still features the familiar herringbone design, inspired by the pattern in some Brooklyn brownstones, but the court itself has gone gray. According to ESPN’s Zach Lowe, it is the first all gray court in NBA history.

The idea behind the grey court, according to the Brooklyn Nets, is that it represents the streets and outdoor courts in the area.

“The colors of our new floor, weathered wood and concrete gray, represent playground courts throughout the borough; the brownstone-lined streets and Brooklyn’s industrial foundation. The palette engrains the grit and determination of Brooklyn into our playing surface.”

Zach Lowe reports that the Nets’ main concern was finding the right shade of gray that would be noticeable on television but not so dark that it ruined the viewing experience.


“The first stain proved too light during a test broadcast on Aug. 13, team officials say. Both the league and the team agreed that the manufacturer (Connor Sports) and painters (Ohio Flooring Company) should darken the stain. Time was getting tight. The final version arrived Wednesday.”

The Nets will make their regular season debut on the all-gray court on October 23, as they host the Minnesota Timberwolves in their season-opener.