Brooke Candy and Toopoor Host a Mansion Playdate in ‘Freak Like Me’ Watch


Sometimes you need to embrace your inner child and just have some playtime with your friends, and that's exactly what Brooke Candy and Toopoor are doing in their latest music video. 

On Tuesday (Nov. 12), Candy released the music video for her song "Freak Like Me," a paired-down, uplifting bop from the singer's debut album Sexorcism about owning your uniqueness and flipping a middle finger up to those who would try to tell you otherwise. "Rather be hated for who I am than loved for what I'm not," Candy sings on the track. 

The video follows Candy and Toopoor as they lounge around an ornate mansion, embracing child-like activities as they spend time with one another. They braid each others hair, do each others makeup, have a pillow fight and even take a bubble bath, all while wearing their weirdness as a badge of honor. 

In a statement released with the video, Candy said that she wrote "Freak Like Me" as a song that "my 13-year-old self wanted and needed," adding that she hopes the song inspires others to stop caring about the opinions of those around them. "If everyone was their most authentic self and embraced the freak within themselves rather than suppressing it, I think the world would be a much better place. We seem to have lost touch with our inner children and our inner weirdos.”

Check out the full video for Brooke Candy and Toopoor's "Freak Like Me" below: