Bronny James Jr. Channels Steph Curry With Bench Three-Pointer: Watch


Bronny James Jr. has been a hot commodity on social media these past few months thanks to his skills out on the court. It seems as though every other week we get a new video of Bronny showing off his dunking ability that can only be described as impressive for a 14-year-old. It’s clear that he’s looking to follow in his father’s footsteps and so far, he’s doing an immaculate job. Some people believe Bronny could be a top NCAA recruit in a few years and even has the potential to make the NBA. While it may be too quick to make that sort of claim, there is no denying that he has some potential moving forward.

Today, a video surfaced of Bronny having some fun during a warm-up and as you can see, he’s looking like Steph Curry out there. In the clip, Bronny shoots the ball from the bench and drains it. From there, he yells “STEPH” knowing good and well that his shot is looking pretty crisp out there.

Considering we’ve mostly seen him dunk so far, this shooting clip is a nice change of pace and shows just how dynamic of a player he could become. This upcoming season will be interesting as there will certainly be a ton of highlights to come out of Sierra Canyon. 

Bronny will get to play alongside Zaire Wade which will hopefully lead to the type of chemistry we saw from their fathers.