BROCKHAMPTON Make Late Night Debut on 'Tonight Show,' Perform Heart-Breaking New Song, 'Tonya'


The collective also revealed the new name their upcoming album, "The Best Years Our Lives."

Internet-born hip-hop boy band collective BROCKHAMPTON  made their late-night debut on The Tonight Show on Wednesday night (June 20) with a performance the heart-breaking new song, "Tonya," featuring help from serpentwithfeet, Ryan Beatty and Jazmine Sullivan.

The track is slated to appear on their upcoming major label debut, The Best Years Our Lives, which was originally slated to called PUPPY (and before that Team Effort).

During the emotional performance, the six members the 13-member group sat on the floor in front a screen showing waves crashing onto a beach. "And I've been feeling like I don't matter how I used to," Sullivan, wearing a black t-shirt reading "My Mind's Universe," crooned on the chorus over a somber piano hook played by Joba.

"Tonya," is a soulful track that heavily features the band's signature mix soulful singing and rapping, with a big beat breaking in mid-way through the performance. By far one the moodiest songs that the group has released, "Tonya," paints themes family disapproval, loss and grappling with success.

Check out the performance below.

Last year, the band released all three segments their Saturation Trilogy, which garnered critical and commercial success. The upcoming album will be the group's first without founding member, Ameer Vann, who was kicked out the collective after a number women came forward and accused him sexual abuse; Vann tweeted and deleted a statement on social media in early May following the initial accusations, writing "although my behavior has been selfish, childish, and unkind, I have never criminally harmed anyone or disrespected their boundaries." Vann is featured on the cover all three Saturation albums. 

The group is currently gearing up for a number North American tour dates, which will then lead them into their European and Australian tours.