Brockhampton Announces New Album ‘Ginger’ Set for August Release


After completing the SATURATION trifecta in 2017 and following that up with Iridescence in 2018, BROCKHAMPTON announced plans for their fifth studio album, GINGER, on Thursday (July 18).

The LP is slated to drop at some point in August, which was confirmed in a teaser for the LP that the group released on social media. BROCKHAMPTON debuted an unreleased track that could appear on the project during their performance at Bilbao BBK Live in Spain last weekend.

Group frontman Kevin Abstract pointed to the controversy surrounding Ameer Van leaving the group to blame for Iridescence not having the social impact the rest of BROCKHAMPTON had hoped, which prompted the boy band to take a break and led to Abstract's ARIZONA BABY solo effort. "We put out a fourth album after the stuff, which got us a lot of hype, [and] didn’t get the reaction we wanted, so it made us take a step back and made me realize maybe the group should take a break and just live life for six months," he told GQ back in June.

Watch the album trailer below. GINGER drops in August.