Britney Spears' Dancers Wake Her Up With a Sweet Treat Before Show: Watch


Britney Spears, currently on the road for her Piece Of Me tour, is in need a wake-up call, or some cookies and cream. The "Toxic" singer took to Twitter on Wednesday (Aug. 29) to post a light-hearted video her dancers rousing her from a couch nap to prep her for a show a tasty frozen treat.   

In the video, captioned "Sometimes you just need ice cream to get going!!! It's showtime!!," fans watch a group Spears' dancers walking to her room and getting excited to perform that evening.   

They stumble upon a sleeping Britney and are unsure how to wake her up for the show. One dancer has the idea deploying some ice cream. As soon as Spears wakes up to the delectable dessert, she rips f the blanket, takes a lick the cone and sprints out the door with her dancers to hit the stage.

Check out the sweet tweet below.