Breaking Bad’s "El Camino" Movie Gets 6.5 Million Viewers Upon Release


Last week, Netflix surprised its subscribers with the release of the Breaking Bad movie El Camino. The release was met with much success, precisely the garnered views easily attest to it. According to Variety, the Breaking Bad movie which dropped on October 11th attracted over 6.5 million viewers in total within the first three days spent on the streaming platform. Additionally, the movie claimed close to 8.2 million unique television viewers which included 2.6 million US viewers within the first 24 hours. The 18-34 demographic made up about 36% of these viewers. These numbers closely reflect the ones from the series finale, which drew in 5.9 million viewers in total during its last episode which aired in 2013. The movie followed the story of Jesse Pinkman as he escaped the meth-lab where he was kept in chains and must deal with the passing of his then-partner Walter White.

The movie saw the return of the same beloved cast, mainly Jesse Plemons, Bryan Cranston, Krysten Ritter, Jonathan Banks, Larry Hankin, Matt Jones, Charles Baker, Robert Forster, Scott Sheperd, and Tess Harper. Upon the movie’s release, we offered an extensive review wherein we delve into the many things that made it great. You can read this review here