Brasstracks Team Up With Charles Gaines For Powerful Live Performance Of ‘Snowdaze’: Exclusive


The duo’s EP, ‘Before We Go: Live From Capitol Studios,’ is out now.

After signing to EQT/Capitol Records, New York duo Brasstracks went into the legendary Studio B at Hollywood’s Capitol Records to record live versions of the songs from their album released earlier this year, Before We Go. They’ve been sharing a track each day from the new EP, entitled Before We Go: Live From Capitol Studios, along with an accompanying video. Today (Aug. 2), Billboard is premiering the final component in the series: “Snowdaze” featuring Charles Gaines.

In the live performance, the Grammy Award winners recreate the jazzy, hip-hop-tinged track with smooth perfection. The video is powerful, as Gaines delivers delicate vocals and Ivan Jackson and Conor Rayne effortlessly take up the trumpet and drums, respectively. They're also backed up by a great crew of players, featuring backup singers, a guitarist, upright bassist, and a brass section.

“It’s been nearly five years of making music for us. Four EPs, dozens of collaborations, and countless tours,” Jackson and Rayne of Brasstracks tell Billboard. “We’ve been doing it all ourselves. Upon finalizing Before We Go, we realized we needed some help to scale what we’ve been doing globally, so we went on a search for a label home.”

“We’re super excited to announce that we’ve signed with our family, EQT and Capitol Records,” they continue. “This live album is the first time we get to put our music out as major label artists (boy, that’s surreal), and we’re so thankful we got to do it this way. We’re just having fun with it -- and that’s why we started this whole journey in the first place. So much more coming soon.” 

Of the song, the duo shares, “We first heard ‘Snowdaze’ as a piano demo from Charles Gaines. We immediately asked for the stems after 30 seconds of listening -- the lyrics, chords and melodies all came together to feel so haunting in the perfect way.” 

EQT co-founder Henny Yegezu tells Billboard, “Watching Ivan and Conor develop over the last few years as producers into, now, full-blown artists touring the world has been great. Now, with this partnership, we can’t wait to continue to help them build and take the record making process to the next level.” 

Fellow EQT co-founder Dan Friedman adds: “We’re excited to be able to combine the forces of EQT and Capitol Records to add to the foundation that Brasstracks has been able to build these past few years. They’re a uniquely talented musical duo with a big vision and we look forward to helping to amplify that vision, and their sound, to new fans and audiences.”

The duo is gearing up to release a new single later this summer and are set to perform at Outside Lands on Aug. 9.

Check out the heartwarming performance below.