Brandon Ingram Reveals How He Feels About Lonzo Ball's Music


In the face a new era for the Los Angeles Lakers, forward Brandon Ingram has been among the roster new and budding talent that may very well prove to be the saving grace the west coast organization and in a recent sit-down with Billboard the Duke alum touched on his role when he plays beside the likes Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma.


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Naturally, the focus shifted to things outside basketball as Ingram also opened up about his personal style and, course, taste in music. Toward the end the conversation, he is questioned on his thoughts on the musical career teammate Lonzo Ball, and his response is a fairly positive one, noting that he does enjoy the skills the alleged father-to-be.

“I didn’t have a chance to listen to the thing he just dropped,” he admits. “But the album he had before, it was pretty cool. It was nice, I liked it. We were bumping it in the locker room sometimes and before games. He’s pretty solid.”

Ingram also went on to expound on varying musical preferences within hip-hop uncovering an affinity for rappers J. Cole and G Herbo in particular while revealing what music he’s most likely to be tuned into before and after a game.

“I think Lil Baby got an album that just came out, Migos Culture II — that album really goes crazy,” he mentions. “There’s a lot stuff that goes crazy on that one, but I really like listening to songs that got a real message to them. I like that and different beats.”