Boys Noize & Virgil Abloh Drop 3-Track Industrial 'Orvnge' EP: Listen


A tale told in three parts, each one starker and more haunting than the last. It's the new EP from Boys Noize and Virgil Abloh, two insanely-creative minds come together on an experimental exploration beats and synths.

Orvnge is industrial and cold but full funky soul. The pair crafted it in Boys Noize's Berlin studio, a wonderland modular gear that'll turn any creative's wheels spinning. Abloh, who was recently named artistic director Louis Vuitton, surely lent some his designer edge to the stylish compositions.

It starts with the title track, a heavy assortment drums and spacey synth pews. “???” plays like it's paired-down counterpart, similar in style but with much darker edge. It concludes with “Sirene,” a twinkling arrangement keys moving ever up and down.

It's a tense techno arrangement that'll excite and delight your senses. Dive in deep to the full three-track EP below.