Bow Wow Wants No Parts Of Andrea Kelly, Accuses Her Of Lying On R. Kelly


As the seasons of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta carry on, viewers have watched as Bow Wow‘s wild side becomes the center of discussion. He continues to have relationship drama, even after his explosive encounter with his ex-girlfriend Kyomi Leslie, and he’s consistently being called out about his party lifestyle partnered with excessive drinking. The rapper is no stranger to controversy both on reality television and in his real life, so he had no problem kicking up some dirt by calling R. Kelly’s ex-wife Drea Kelly a liar.

On an episode of GUHHATL, Bow and his mother, Teresa Caldwell, are shown having lunch. Teresa shares that she had recently met Drea and liked her personality, so she thought it would be nice if Bow met her as well. The rapper laughs and makes it clear that he doesn’t want to speak with the ex-Mrs. R. Kelly saying, “After [Surviving R. Kelly] and that stuff came out, I don’t want to be nowhere near that type of energy.”

He added, “I’m not knocking her. I don’t know her to say anything bad about her but just by watching that documentary I’m just like…I’m cool….I’m about my brand. I don’t want to be associated with pictures with nobody that got anything to do with what’s going on with all of that. I’m cool. No surprise pop-ups. None of that. If R. Kelly’s ex-wife comes, I’m gonna ask her about the documentary. I got questions.” Then he said with a laugh, “How much y’all got paid to lie on that man?”

Bow may be apprehensive about speaking negatively on R. Kelly because the two have previously collaborated together. Kelly and the rapper linked on the song “I’m a Flirt,” a track that was featured on Bow’s fifth album, The Price of Fame.