Bow Wow Shares Funny Clip Wishing Jermaine Dupri Happy 50th Birthday


In celebration of Jermaine Dupri’s 50th birthday today (Sept. 23), Bow Wow decided to hit his penthouse patio and wish his mentor a very special happy birthday from the top of his lungs. Taking to his IG, Bow Wow shared the clip of him loudly wishing JD’s 50th birthday from atop his penthouse, before going onto make fun of him in a joking matter.

“Everybody go wish @jermainedupri a happy 50th b day love you pops! 😂😂😂,” he captioned the clip.

Bow Wow then goes on to reflect on some of JD’s accomplishments, before going on to ask his followers “what to get a 50 year old rich person?” He then jokingly suggests maybe a walker with tennis balls on the bottom.

“Yo, its Jermaine Dupri’s 50th birthday. Wooo! ATL, it’s his 50th!” Bow screams in the clip. “Got to let the city know. JD man you 50. God damn. Man I gotta say you’ve accomplished a lot for being 50 man, lets see… song writers half of fame, you’ve produced records for Bow Wow, Rakim, Usher, you rich as hell, damn.”

He continued, “What should I get him at 50? a walker? with the little tennis balls at the bottom, some theruptic shoes? what do people get a 50 year old rich man? I dunno, but I want all my followers to wish Jermaine Dupri @JermaineDupri and flood his comments and wish my main man, my pops a happy 50th birthday.”