Bow Wow Caught Up In Bow Wow Challenge Again: See The Hilarious Comments


A few years ago, Bow Wow became the laughing stock of the internet after one of his fans realized that the private jet he was posting on his social platforms did not actually belong to him. In fact, Shad Moss had never actually been on the plane. He allegedly took the photo from the internet, used his Photoshop mastery and attempted to trick us all into believing he lived the most lavish lifestyle ever. Bow Wow is undoubtedly rich. He’s also insanely talented. For a man that’s been in the industry for so long, you’ve got to hand him some respect. Still, he’ll never let the Bow Wow Challenge fade away. Even if he now owns fancy cars and a private jet, people will still call him out every day. Today, it happened all over again.

Bow Wow Caught Up In Bow Wow Challenge Again: See The Hilarious Comments
Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Relive some old memories right now because a few moments ago, Shad Moss shared a photo of himself and a shiny black Lamborghini sports car. The comments are atrocious on the photo with nearly everybody either stalking the interactive section or chiming in with some clowning of their own. “Whose car are you borrowing?” asked the top comment. “That rental car is clean,” said another. Seriously, scroll through the comments because this man is getting roasted.

Sadly enough, the car is probably his. Bow Wow is an incredibly successful musician and businessman. He can certainly afford to drop some racks on a dope whip. He’ll never see the end of this though. Bow Wow Challenge or nah?