Bow Wow Calls Out Rappers For Doing The Bow Wow Challenge Everyday


Bow Wow gets clowned a lot these days but he’s had a longer run in the game than most people. He had his reign as one the hottest young rappers in the game before he became a host. However, he’s faced his fair share backlash over the years especially for trying to fake stunt on people. Last year, he kicked f the Bow Wow Challenge after he got called out for trying to pretend he was flying private when he was actually on commercial. While the Bow Wow Challenge has apparently spawned a television series, he has now called out other rappers for doing the Bow Wow Challenge on a daily basis.

Bow Wow’s fed up with rappers flaunting their cash but “not knowing about wealth.” He explained that people in the rap game aren’t actually as rich as they come across before calling them out for doing monthly payments on Rolex watches.

“Hip hop is a keep up with joneses business. And a lot you niggas screaming you rich but not knowing about wealth. BIG DIFF. Dont lettem fool you.” He wrote. “Niggas #bowwowchallenge every day haha no seriously. I never heard monthly payments on a rolex. MONTHLY PAYMENTS? This is what rappers is doing now? Monthly payments? All this money yall be talking bout? MONTHLY PAYMENTS.”

He later shared some advice he apparently received from Jay-Z about finances and paying for a driver for a Cadillac Escalade instead buying a Ghost which led to Bow selling his seven cars for one.

Peep his tweets below.