Boosie Under Fire For Wearing Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Jacket


If Boosie isn’t in the news for offensive Lil Nas X comments, then he’s probably catching heat for wearing letters to a fraternity that he doesn’t belong to.

Last week, just a couple of days before the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity founders day, Boosie posted a video of himself in an Alpha jacket. In the video, he tells his fans “I know I look good in this jacket,” before saying it reminds him of “the great Dr. Martin Luther King” who was also a member of the fraternity.

However, this was not the first time Boosie somehow got his hands on the fraternity’s letters. Some might remember when Boosie sat in the front row at a basketball game in a Kappa Alpha Psi sweatshirt despite not being a member of the organization and caught a lot of backlash from members of the organization for wearing the letters. He then issued an apology.

“I apologize to ’em, but I need some [apologies] too because they talking ’bout they shed blood for this,” he said at the time. “They got people in my DMs talking like they built like me. Like they talking gangsta. I’m like bruh, it ain’t that serious. I don’t wanna do nothing witchu. My bad, dawg.” 

People and members from Alpha Phi Alpha then took to social media to air their grievances with the “Wipe Me Down” rapper wearing their letters.