Boosie is Charging $100k To Marry Couples After Becoming an Ordained Minister


If it isn’t wearing a fraternity’s letters or ranting about Lil Nas X, Boosie is always in the news for one of these antics. The Baton Rouge rapper recently announced that he is an ordained minister and is open to marrying couples, but for a very steep price.

“If you want Boosie to marry you, let me know,” he said while showing ministry license. “If you want Boosie to marry you, I got my motherfuckin’ license. … Y’all holla at me.” He then gave the steep price for a Boosie officiated wedding. “I’m marrying couples now. $75 to $100k.” he added.

One could only imagine what Boosie as a minister, marrying couples, would be like. However, Boosie is not the only rapper out here officiating weddings. Just last month, Cardi B offered to officiate Kal Penn’s wedding after the actor announced his engagement.