Boosie Badazz Willing To Give His Mo3 Vigil Shooters A Legal Pass: 'I Live By A Code'


Boosie Badazz had a bullet hit his leg when a gunman opened fire at his sprinter a day after the rapper was attending a candle vigil for his friend and Badazz Music Syndicate artist Mo3, who was shot and killed on November 11. Boosie managed to recover from the shooting and, to do this day, will not cooperate with the police on the matter.

During a conversation with VladTV, the Baton Rouge rapper took time to explain why he would let his assailants walk free if they were under arrest or even testify in court if it came down to that. Boosie said the pass comes from the code he lives by that he learned as early as three years old.

“I wasn’t taught to be no rat at 17, 18 years old,” Boosie said. “I was taught to be no rat at four years old, three years old. A lot of shit ain’t built in people from a youngster, so when they get pressure like that, they break like that.”

He continued, “All these rats coming out and shit they need to make a whole CD and name that motherfucker Cheddar Cheese. All these fucking rats and all this paperwork they need to make a motherfucking CD and call it Rat Poison.”

Boosie repeated those sentiments on Twitter Friday (February 5), calling for all the snitch rappers in Hip Hop to come together and form an actual group called Rat Poison.

“The Industry Full Of Rats… They Need To Make A Group Called #RatPosion And I’m the OPP,” he tweeted.

Boosie also spoke on Mo3’s murder, saying the killer caught his former collaborator slipping.

“Mo3 never discussed no beef with me,” Boosie told Vlad. “We never discussed no rap beef. Never discussed another nigga rap beef, ever. No nigga I’ve never been around discussed another nigga rap beef. Even though I know niggas gettin’ it on cause these rappers got smoke everywhere. That’s just how it go. They caught my boy slippin’.”