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Boosie Badazz Breaks Down What He's Getting Paid [VIDEO] - hiphopearlyWhen Boosie Badazz said he had to pay $90,000 out of pocket for his cancer operation late last year we really felt for him, and not just because he was dealing with the terrible disease.

Yeah, he’s a famous recording artist.  But albums don’t sell like they used to, and we’re thinking Boosie — who once faced first degree murder charges — has dropped good deal of his fortune to lawyers.

Touring is the financial saving grace of today’s rapper, and after hearing what Boosie (who’s recovered from his cancer) is making on the road, we are no longer worried about his finances.

In an interview with Vlad TV, Boosie said he’s making between 60 and 75K a show, and is doing about four shows a weak.

The clip is below. In it, he also talks about his goal of doing a song with Justin Bieber.

We’re not entirely sure we’re buying that Boosie is pulling in 300K a week on shows.  But even if he’s making half that he’s winning.