Boogie Delivers Pure Unadulterated Wisdom "BARS" On Sway


At the beginning of the year, Boogie dropped off his official Shady Records debut Everythings For Sale. While we loved it at the time, further reflection has only enhanced our perspective and enjoyment alike; few modern albums carry such a cohesive vibe, both musically and thematically. And while more lyrically-driven tracks like “Self Destruction,” “Rainy Days,” and “SoHo,” proved he could bar out with the best of them, the majority of the album was a reflection on the banalities of modern life and love. Yet it shouldn’t be forgotten that Boogie’s pen game remains strong, and today, the Shady emcee took to Sway to issue a reminder.

With Rick Ross and Drake‘s “Gold Roses” queued up, Boogie wastes little time in painting a vivid picture. “Who done let my number out cause I keep hearing death call,” he raps. “Stuck up in the bubble every day they letting techs off, all this on my chest will make you think that I won’t check ya’ll.” He takes a moment to scoff. “What make you think that we respect ya’ll?” Even when his energy simmers, Boogie remains a relatively low-key dude, opting to let the power of his words speak volumes. 

He may not be prone to razzle-dazzle, but Boogie remains one of the sharpest, most intellectually stimulating voices in the game right now. Be sure to check out the freestyle below, and show some love to the West Coast’s Shady affiliate. Are you still bumping Everythings For Sale?