Bon Jovi’s ‘Unbroken’ to Benefit Patriotic Service Dog Foundation


The song will appear in the upcoming “To Be of Service” documentary.

Bon Jovi released a new song with a noble purpose on Friday (Nov. 1). The inspiring "Unbroken" was written for director Josh Aronson's documentary To Be of Service, which charts the life-changing impact of service dogs on the lives of military veterans living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The song, which will be featured in the film due out on Netflix on Veterans Day (Nov. 11) was written by Jon Bon Jovi and produced by the band and John Shanks.

"I was born to be of service/ Camp Lejeune felt like home/ I had honor I found purpose/ Sir yes sir that's what I know," Bon Jovi sings over the song's heart-stirring, majestic rumble before rolling into the prayerful chorus: "God of mercy, God of light/ Save your children from thsi life/ Hear these words/ This humble plea/ For I have seen the suffering/ And with this prayer I'm hoping/ That we can be unbroken."

The turbulent song about being young and far away in foreign places where explosions rob you of hearing and a sense of security ends with a moving verse about the comfort brought by security dogs to warriors who've returned home with scars that aren't visible on the outside. All net proceeds from downloads of the track for the next 12 months will benefit the Patriotic Service Dog Foundation.

According to a press release announcing the song, To Be of Service "explores the remarkable life changes resulting from the introduction of trained service dogs into the lives of military veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder." Click here to see where the movie is screening near you and here to stream/download the song.

Watch the "Unbroken" video below.