Bon Iver & The National Collab Album to Be Released This Summer in Installments


Earlier this month, Bon Iver's Justin Vernon and The National's Aaron and Bryce Dessner launched PEOPLE, a digital platform for new music. Among some the first tracks uploaded were four songs from Big Red Machine, coincidentally consisting Justin Vernon and Aaron Dessner.

In an interview with The Creative Independent, Vernon discussed the group's plans for a full-length album. “We have a 10-song record that we'll be spraying out throughout the rest the summer,” Vernon explains, noting that the initial tracks were uploaded just to “put something up in the player for now.”

In another interview with TCI, Bryce Dessner adds that Big Red Machine is “the first example a new project or type music that came out this environment.” Aaron agrees and says, “I don't think the record would exist without this kind platform and this community that came together to make it.”

The band plans to continue using PEOPLE to upload and release music over the next couple months for this now highly anticipated album, along with past projects.

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