Bomba Estereo, Gaby Moreno, Juan Cosme Represent on ‘Orange is the New Black’ Season 7 Soundtrack


The final season’s disturbing ICE detention scenes provide the setting for Latin songs.

Timely and disturbing ICE detention scenes in new episodes of Orange is the New Black provide the setting for diverse Spanish-language songs in the seventh and final season of the Netflix series.

As could be expected from the ground-breaking show, OITNB realistically portrays the multifarious nationalities targeted by the current administration's hard-line immigration policies; detainees from Latin American countries, of course, included. Maritza Ramos (Diane Guerrero) and Blanca Flores (Laura Gómez), familiar inmates from Litchfield Penitentiary return as bunkmates at the ICE hold, joined by new characters from El Salvador and Guatemala arrested on illegal immigration charges.

An unsettling track by Bomba Estereo, party reggaeton by Puerto Rican artist Juan Cosme, and Gaby Moreno’s interpretation of the mournful Mexican classic “Cucurrucucú Paloma” represent on the season 7 soundtrack.

Bomba Estereo, “Corazón”

The Colombian group’s 2016 track is heard at the end of episode 3 (“And Brown is the New Orange”), when the cooking crew from Litchfield is brought in to prepare meals in the kitchen of the ICE detention center. Haunting vocals, military marching rhythm, electric guitar and feedback capture the tension that permeates the series.  

Juan Cosme, “Party en Marquesina”

The Puerto Rican composer and producer’s electronic reggaeton track is playing when ICE agents raid a club, taking, among others, Maritza into custody in episode 2 (“Just Desserts").

Gaby Moreno, “Cucurrucucú Paloma”

Episode 11 (“God Bless America”) centers around Guatemalan character Santos Chaj (Melinna Bobadilla), who struggles to communicate with others in the ICE prison in her native k’iche language. Guatemalan singer Gaby Moreno’s moving version of “Cucurrucucú Paloma” was chosen to play at the end of the emotional episode.