BOL4 Play Quirky Cupids in ‘Bom’ Watch


The seasonal single has risen to the top of all of Korea's real-time music charts.

It's an annual K-pop tradition that as spring approaches, a flood of seasonal singles about the warm weather and cherry blossoms rise up the chart, making the dominance of BOL4's new single "Bom" all the expected.

The female folk duo, also known as Bolbbalgan4, released their new EP titled Puberty Book | Bom, led by the single "Bom" -- a Korean word for spring. Based around acoustic guitar strums and bubbly synths, "Bom" sees the singers apprehensive about diving into love and not wanting to get caught up in any springtime clichés of giving each other fresh flowers or being swept up in a windy breeze. As expected from Ahn Jiyoung and Woo Jiyoon, the ladies deliver their relatable, coming-of-age story sweet and sugary harmonies.

The accompanying music video sees the members embracing a bit of a different season in a Valentine's Day–themed storyline that sees main vocalist Jiyoung playing a mischevious cupid character hoping to snag her crush. After a few (literal) misfires of Cupid's arrow, the singer finds her happy ending without any tricks or magic bows needed. The visual earned more than a million views in its first day out.

Since its release, "Bom" has performed high on Korea's real-time streaming and download charts indicating it should become a long-lasting domestic hit. "Bom" followed not far behind on the charts by another Puberty Book track, the feel-good and harmony-heavy "Stars Over Me," which also got a music video.

BOL4 has consistently sent their albums to the World Albums chart since making their deubt in 2017 with their Red Diary Page.1 EP with similar results expected for their Puberty Book. Check out the video to "Stars Over Me" below: